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We build and sell custom-made coving for your photo studio and film studio

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  1. A Limbowand® is custom-made and can be individually adapted to the overall width and height of the photo studio.
  2. The curve of the Limbowand® is so strong and stable that you can stand on it.
  3. The bottom of the Limbowand® does not feel cool, even when you sit on it.
  4. The back wall of the Limbowand® is seamless and has no noticeable transition from the curve of the back wall to the floor, ceiling or corners.
  5. When completed, the Limbowand® has two abrasion-resistant matt paint layers for maximum final reflection.
  6. The Limbowand® cove can even be cleaned wet. So very easy to clean. It rarely needs to be repainted.
  7. Curves can be built in the corners, floor and ceiling.
  8. No cracks occur during heat fluctuations (short-term heating in winter).
  9. 5 year guarantee on construction. Not due to paint wear.
  10. You can also buy the Limbowand® as a kit and install it yourself.

What is a cove?

A photography studio cove is a curved corner built between the floor and the wall of a photography studio. It is often used to give the impression that the floor flows seamlessly into the wall, without any visible corners or edges. This creates a clean and professional environment for photo shoots.

Cleaning the limb wall and groove

Cleaning the cove is easy. Simply use a microfiber cloth and a floor cleaner.

Do you want to build your own coving?

We pre-manufacture your coving to measure and supply you with everything you need for your coving.

Which color for your coving?

White | Green | Blue | Gray | Black

Green screen, blue box, black box everything is possible.

Limbo wall cove maintenance

If the photo studio wall is used intensively, wear and tear is unavoidable in the long term.

Of course, Limbowand® offers you professional maintenance of your coving. Carrying out small repairs and regular painting will extend the life of your Limbowand® enormously.

Limbowand therefore recommends giving your coving a new coat of paint every now and then. You can easily paint the Limbowand® yourself or have it done.

As a professional photographer, you want to spend as little time and energy as possible maintaining your studio. By choosing the seamless cove from Limbowand®, you can minimize the maintenance effort on your cove enormously.

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1. Seamless Background:

A cove creates a seamless transition between floor and wall. This allows photographers to illuminate the background evenly without having distracting edges or lines in the image. The result is professional-looking photos with a uniform background.

2. Creative Opportunities:

Photographers can achieve creative effects with a groove. For example, they can make the background transition seamlessly from one color to another to create different moods or themes in their photos. This is particularly useful for portrait photography or product photography.

3. Better Light Control:

A cove allows for more precise control of the light in the studio. Photographers can place lights to evenly illuminate the background, which would be more difficult if there were visible corners. This is important to avoid shadows and achieve the desired lighting level.

4. Reduction of reflections:

The curved shape of the groove minimizes reflections. This is particularly important for product photography to avoid unwanted reflections on shiny surfaces.

5. Professional Appearance:

Studios with a cove often appear more professional and appealing to clients. A clean, seamless background shows that the photographer pays attention to details, which can increase customer confidence.

6. Versatility:

A cove can be used in many different ways. Photographers can use different backgrounds, be it paint, wallpaper or special materials, to achieve different effects without the transitions being visible.

You could install a cove in your studio in Cologne to upgrade your photo studio and take more professional photos. Not only does it provide better photography opportunities, but it also gives your studio an appealing atmosphere for your customers. If you have any further questions or need tips on setting up your studio, I’m happy to help!